Marriage License Overview

What about the Additional $10 Fee to get a CERTIFIED COPY of the Marriage License? Do you Need it? 

               Yes, if you are in the MILITARY  (generally they give this certified copy for FREE to Military) and YES if you intend to use your Marriage License to get a Passport to show your new marital status and are taking your spouse’s last name. You do NOT need to pay this $10 fee for a Certified Copy just to get your last name changed with Social Security. They will accept your ORIGINAL marriage license (the one you bring to us to sign). Social Security Information on name change after marriage.

What if I have been married before?

                If either party is divorced or widowed, applicant must provide the month/year the last marriage ended. A 30 day waiting period is required once a divorce is finalized for an applicant to re-marry.

How Early Do We Need to Get Our Marriage License?

                   Once marriage license is issued it is only good for 30 DAYS.  Marriage MUST take place within that 30 day time period or license must be returned!  

Do I Need to Bring Witnesses?

                Missouri State Law Dictates that 2 witnesses must sign the marriage license in order for it to be valid.  There is no stipulation of age requirement – CHILDREN may be witnesses.   We provide witnesses if you are not bringing anyone along with you to the ceremony.

Returning the License to Be Recorded.

                Many counties require that only the wedding officiant may return the marriage licenses.   In Camden County it is not necessary; however, our officiant does immediately return all certificates for filing.  If you would like to do this yourselves is it an available option.

Please reference Missouri Marriage page, Camden County, MO Recorders Page