“Offsite Meetings”: Productive & Fun

Team Builder

“Offsite Meetings”: Productive & Fun

Team Builder

A great location for an offsite meeting is at Lake of the Ozarks! Lake Breeze Terrace is a small venue with a great outdoor area for breaks and lunch and a perfect fun place for a team builder. -Gena Aldrich

An offsite meeting is a meeting that takes place outside of the office. The goal is to get your team together to discuss big picture strategy or goals, or a dedicated time to make headway on larger projects. Often times, offsites are used to kick off projects, make quarterly plans or build up team morale.

Why have an offsite meeting?

Offsite meetings are a great opportunity for teams to come together and collectively solve a larger problem or plan out a period of work. The values of having an offsite meeting include:

  • Changing work venue gets teams in a different headspace
  • Pulling teams away from their desks/workspaces removes the threat of interruptions
  • Working together provides an opportunity to collaborate
  • Condensing ideas and agenda items into an all-day or all-afternoon meeting can provide team unity
  • Eliminating typical office or work environment distractions enable more focus and accomplishment

Pre-offsite meeting checklist

  • Determine your budget:   You don’t have to break the bank for every offsite. It could be as simple as renting a communal office space or going to a nearby park.   Check out Lake Breeze Terrace rates. 
  • Secure a date, venue, food and transportation (if needed): Whether you’re handling logistics in-house or outsourcing the event, make sure these big ticket items are sorted before sharing your meeting agenda or starting a conversation with the larger team.  

At Lake Breeze Terrace weekday meetings are extremely cost effective and include an Event Manager to help work through the planning and coordinating. -Gena Aldrich

  • Elect a coordinator: Choose someone to communicate reminders, coordinate day-of plans and be the point-person for any questions.  At Lake Breeze Terrace the office coordinator works directly with Lake Breeze Event Manager to accomplish the perfect meeting.
  • Finalize and share your agenda: Share your meeting agenda well in advance of your offsite (at least 48 hours). Give teams the opportunity to start thinking about what they want to bring to the conversation. 
  • Assign pre-work: Sharing the agenda is important, but you also want to provide as much additional context as possible by assigning “pre-work” or “pre-reading” – that way, you can spend your valuable offsite time making decisions, rather than getting everyone up to speed. For example, if your offsite is for problem-solving, assign some pre-work brainstorming or reading over a briefing on the problem you’re solving for.
  • Assign a note-taker(s): Instead of everyone taking separate sets of notes, assign a master note-taker. This person will be responsible for taking and sharing all notes.

Your offsite meeting agenda

Every offsite is different depending on your objective, but this basic structure can be followed for most purposes.

1. Objectives – why we’re here

Use this time to share “why we’re all here” and what you want to achieve at the of the offsite.

2. Ground rules

Here’s where you’ll outline the logistics of the offsite. You might assign smaller teams, send people to different physical locations, set time restrictions and more.

3. Activities/sessions

You’ll likely have a few different sessions and activities throughout your offsite meeting. This section of the agenda may take several hours or even days.

4. Team Builders

Team Builders are sessions that encourage the team to work together to solve a problem or to have fun or sometimes to complete for fun.

5. Next steps

Always close your offsite with a summary of what’s happening next.

Team Builders are a blast at Lake of the Ozarks. There are mini car racing tracks, escape rooms, kayaking, zip lining, and so many more team oriented outings. -Gena Aldrich

Tips for your offsite meetings

Communicate the plan clearly and often

People WILL forget. They’ll forget the date, the venue, what food is on offer, how they’re getting there, what time – you name it, it will be forgotten. Count on this and over-communicate. Send out calendar reminders, chat reminders and make sure it’s an agenda item on all hands meetings leading up to the offsite.

Get feedback

Immediately after your offsite (or in the last 10-15 minutes) collect feedback – while it’s fresh in everyone’s mind. Ask the content, perceived value, venue, food, etc. Use this feedback to improve your next offsite meeting.

Get your tech in order

Don’t waste precious time in your offsite searching for the right dongle or fiddling with the WiFi. Make sure your tech-house is in order before your meeting – whether it’s provided by the venue or not. (Or, go tech free! The Soapbox annual offsite is held in a remote location intentionally to discourage phone use and keep us focused.)

At Lake Breeze Terrace we have it all for rent during your meetings: Projectors, Easels, Sounds Systems and more. Just ask. -Gena Aldrich

Follow up

Any next steps or outcomes from your offsite meetings should be communicated right after your meeting – and multiple times thereafter. Your offsites should have a purpose, and people need to know that their creativity, ideas and hard work isn’t going unnoticed.

Look into our week day 4 hour meeting rate and our all day rate which is deliberately intended to be cost effective. If you rent for a week (5 days) the 5th day is free by using the promo code below. Last but not least, if you need a place to stay over night for your employees, check out www.LakeBreezeResort.com which is on the neighboring property and offers lakefront units -Gena Aldrich


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