Lake Breeze Resort & Terrace offers a beautiful, fun, indoor/outdoor, lakeview area to enjoy parties, weddings, meetings and training sessions.  Take a couple days to visit the Lake of the Ozarks and stay at the Resort while your event is hosted at Lake Breeze Terrace just a short walk from your unit.  Let your event coordinator work to make your event perfect while you and your guests enjoy the Lake.

Event Coordinator?

Yes.  With all the various venue rental packages at Lake Breeze Terrace, our Event Coordinator/Manager is included to help the organizer manage the requirements for any event.  From parties, training classes, showers, meetings to weddings, the Event Manager is the key contact person and local expert to help you coordinate your special event.  Not only will you need help and support when configuring your interior options for the table and linen configuration, but also to recommend catering and other local vendors to make your day perfect.  Remember, our goal is assure you have a perfectly executed event.

Don’t let your planning overwhelm you.   Let me introduce you to Tiffany Walker, our Event Manager.   Soon after your event is booked you will receive emails from us outlining the package and the options that are included with your event package.  Tiffany will text you an introduction (texting seems to be the communication of choice these days) and either setup a meeting time or you can continue via text/email.

The items to discuss vary based on the package but can include:

When you think of planning your dream wedding or a fun party or even a straightforward meeting, it can tend to be overwhelming or even a burden to coordinate all the ins and outs of making the event perfect. That is where I come in. I am the Event Coordinator at Lake Breeze Terrace. When you book your event package with us, you also get the perk of having a built-in coordinator. I genuinely love the task of helping others create the image of their dream wedding or helping to coordinate the requirements for a meeting to be well executed. My job allows me to sit with the clients to develop a picture of what they visualize as their wedding day or a birthday party or the like. I work closely with the owner, Gena, to coordinate the required staff and am in the process every step of the way:  from drawing out tangible blueprints of your layout to helping you serve cake on the day of the event.  I like to create a personal relationship with each client so they feel they have the ability to contact me at any time to assure all event questions are addressed.

Tiffany Walker

What does it take to plan an event? 

The first step is (1) to decide on a date and (2) location.  The next important step (3) is to hire an Event Manager or Coordinator.  (Lake Breeze Resort & Terrace offers an Event Manager with The Terrace rental.)  Last but not least (4) is to work out all the details with your Event Manager.

There are many good resources and ideas to get your mind engaged for planning:

At Lake Breeze, not only do we help plan out and execute your event, but also offer a variety of additional rental items to enhance your decorating or buffet table.   We also offer small appetizer, pastry bar and dessert table packages.   Please always feel free to give us a call for questions or book your event online (see upper right had corner for button).