BlackLight Bar

Friday & Saturday Nights
October 18th & 19th
October 25th & 26th
Halloween: Oct 31st

The Blacklight bar is part of the Halloween festivities and adjoined to the Haunt! Lost Souls Lair.  You do not have to go on the haunted tour in the Lair to visit us at the Blacklight Bar and it does not cost anything to visit or come hangout.  We serve glow-in-the-dark drinks, hot chocolate, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.  We also have horror movies and a nice campfire.  the bar is indoors with an outdoor space.

BlackLight Bar is a unique and immersive pop-up bar experience, perfect for celebrating Halloween or any other occasion. The entire bar is transformed into a glowing wonderland, with blacklight decor, glow-in-the-dark drinks, and a fun and festive atmosphere.

Outside, guests can enjoy a campfire, beautiful lights, and the cool evening air.

Last but not least, visit our outdoor theater area to watch The Descent, an all time classic cave thriller movie. BlackLight Bar is the perfect place to let loose and have some fun, with friends of all ages.

Come experience the magic of blacklight and celebrate your inner child!