Lake Breeze Event Center

What We Want To See

We want to see Lake Breeze Event Center in Camdenton be a hot spot for Halloween.  We’d like to have our Halloween visitors stop by for a little Halloween shopping!   A fun haunted cave tour and spook.  And, to chillout at the Blacklight Bar or in front of an evening campfire.  How about some teens stopping by for a Outdoor horror movie while enjoying hot chocolate or popcorn?  Are target group is teens and adults not kids.  (Kids have so many other great places to go in our county.)

Your Halloween Vendor Wares are a key part of the overall enjoyment.  


  • The Trunk Vendors will need to be signed up so we have information on who will be attending and can use that information in our ads to bring in visitors.
  • However, the line-up/parking spots for trunk vendors (see map) will be first come, first served.  All the trunk vendors will line up where the admissions/information booth lines will be located.
  • We are looking for 5 to 10 trunk vendors but would be happy with about 5 unique vendors.
  • We want our trunk vendors to decorate their trunks (Dollar Tree & Walmart offer car decoration kits if you need to keep it simple.)  I assume most vendor are creative so I can imagine some of the trunks will look great!
  • Bring a folding table. (We can lend you one if needed.) Put it in front of your trunk to display your items.  
  • ABSOLUTELY NO TENTS.  We had issues in the past with wind and weather.  This is why we believe our idea for “TRUNK VENDORS” would be great if heat is needed or cover.
  • The “NO” list includes no highly sexual items due to the teens access to shopping.  No illegal drugs or alcohols sales.  No kids that are not at least 14 years old.  And, we have the right to refuse vendor parking services to anyone.  
  • Pets on leashes are OK but excrement MUST be picked up.
Lost Souls Lair Event Map
Halloween Trunk Vendors
To Be a TrUNK Vendor is simple:

Sign Up

Sign Up for for each night that you would like to attend. You will need to commit to the timeframe of being open by 7 p.m. and staying until at least 10 p.m. (haunted house closes at 11 p.m.) We would like to know what you are selling to avoid duplicate items for sale giving each vendor a unique opportunity to sell.

Book Now
  • 1Select Ticket
  • 2Attendees
  • 3Payment
  • 4Confirmation
Trunk Vendor $10
Available Spots: 99

Spot will be assigned as first come first served upon arrival each night.

The "Trunk Vendor" ticket is sold out or not available for some of dates. You can try another ticket or another date.

SUBMIT Release of Liability Waiver

We, of course, have a Release of Liability and Assumptions of Risk document to release us from responsibility in case of issues with your products or injuries. Click on this section to complete the online form. A copy will be automatically emailed to you upon completion.

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Send Us Photos of Goods for Advertising

We would like you to send us simple photos of your goods. We will try to use them in our advertising on our social media and website. Also help us get the words out too! Email photos to or text to 573-873-5343.

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Complete A Survey & Review

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