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A SpeakEasy Series

1st Thursday Starting April

2024 Dates

July 11th (2nd Th)
August 1st
Sept 5th
October 3rd

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RSVP HERE for SECRET PHRASE and location of clandestine door. Entrance FREE

SECRET PHRASE FOR JULY 11TH:   "Susie works in a shoe shine shop. Where she shines she sits, and where she sits she shine!" Memorize it and destroy it....  AND we moved the secret door to behind the large white trailer. 


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Only 1 night a month

Come enjoy our SpeakEasy Pop-Up Bar.  A fun step back into the time of prohibition with liquor, live music, cigar sales, and food. 
This event kicks off happy hours at 5 pm on Thursdays!   FREE to all who enjoy music and fun!   Indoor & Outdoor setting
Don’t forget to RSVP so you can get the SECRET PHRASE and location of the SECRET DOOR for access!!!

What is A Speakeasy? And, Why is it so cool?

A speakeasy, in its strict definition is a place where alcoholic beverages are illegally sold, particularly during the prohibition era. At this time, the manufacture, sale and transport of alcohol was illegal in the U.S. and speakeasies served as underground, secret establishments where Americans still seeking spirits could indulge.

During prohibition, the speakeasy served as a concealed way for Americans to access alcohol and partake in the nightlife that comes with it. When, with the passing of the 18th amendment, alcohol became effectively banned in the United States, out-in-the-open bars were replaced by these discreet pubs.

Speakeasies Today are a fun step back in history.  We are replicating a secret bar and dancing space for cocktails, jazz, and fun.  We will be introducing legal gambling for speakeasy prizes.  This series will be a blast!

Why Do They Call Them Speakeasy?

To cater to the very large population of people who still wished to drink, hidden bars and nightclubs were established in cities across the country. The term speakeasy is thought to have come from the patrons having to whisper (or, speak “easy”) when attempting to enter the hidden bar.

Do speakeasies of the era still stand today?

Even though alcohol is legal now, the culture and aesthetic of speakeasies live on. There are no true speakeasies anymore, as these were illegal bars, but there are many that will give you a taste of what it was like to walk into an illicit drinking den. Some of them still have discreet entrances.

What music is played at speakeasy?

Jazz was indeed a big part of that sound, and with the coming of Prohibition it flourished in the underground bars known as “speakeasies” around the country–a new music born in a time of complexity and change, and now aligned, for better or worse, with a culture of forbidden liquor that also gave rise to organized crime.

Did speakeasies have bouncers?

Being a controversial endeavor with illicit activities, not everyone was granted entrance. To gain admission, a patron had to know of a secret handshake, knock, or password. Most establishments had bouncers at the gates ensuring that entry was only permitted based on personal recognition and acquaintances.

What to wear to the speakeasy?

We will be dressed for the times but you?  Just wear whatever is comfortable!

How to attend?

We will be sending out invitations via email when we get closer in 2024.  (So, please sign up.) Each person invited will need to RSVP for a date and time (reservation).  Per each RSVP you will be sent a secret text (or Email) with the password for entrance.  The space and reservations will include dining tables and stand up area.

What will be served?

We will offer specialty drinks of the time (and a few fun ones of today)?  In addition, we will have a charcuterie board buffet with a wide variety of deli, fruits, and appetizers.